We build amazing websites. Over the past 12 years we’ve helped tiny start-ups, and huge recognisable brands. There’s a good chance you’ll have used something we have created.

Our clients range from multinationals to one-man-bands, and everything in between. Agriculture? Retail? Medicine? No problem. Simple made-to-measure shop or a complicated bespoke stock control system… just ask.

Ande (pronounced Andy - it’s a creative thing) was born with a crayon in his hand, to the confusion of the midwife, and he immediately went about decorating the ward. He’s a dyed in the wool graphic designer and can turn his hand to print just as easily as the web. His curiosity has lead him into teaching himself development as well, keeping even more in-house.

Wil (like Will but ridiculous) temporarily had a silver spoon but he sold it to buy a MacBook. Retired programmer, trained photographer, and go-to technologist he spends much of his time trying to educate people on how ‘jack of all trades’ is a compliment. He was considering t-shirts but settled for standing on a box and shouting.

So whether it’s a shop, a photoshoot, or a rebrand we can definitely help.

Responsive Development

More than half of website traffic now comes from mobile devices like phones and tablets, which makes it so important that the user interface is flexible enough to function properly an the myriad available screen sizes. Did you know that Google, the world’s biggest search engine, now gives a better search position to mobile responsive websites when a mobile device was used to search? It’s not just about user experience any more, it’s actually beneficial to your organic search engine position.

Do you have a site you’d like to be updated to be mobile responsive? We can do that too. We don’t build sites now that aren’t mobile device friendly, as we’re far too attached to our smartphones to let other people like us suffer with a poorly scaled website.

Some clients like totally different user interfaces on mobile devices… and we certainly help you with that if it’s your cup of tea.

Long and short? If your website isn’t mobile responsive you’re losing out on valuable traffic.


Content Management

Gone are the days, certainly with us, where day-to-day content changes require the intervention of your developers. A content management system (CMS) means that as far as is practicable the client can make changes to the text, images, the products for sale without waiting on a programmer to get round to it, or paying every time something needs doing. CMS doesn’t mean you can drastically redesign your site every month by pressing a few buttons, but it means that in most cases you make your changes when you want them doing. For example, you might have a website made that allows for a special offer to be shown on the homepage. Well in this instance you can change the text of it, the image, and even show or hide the offer.

You have a shop and you want to produce a discount code that gives 10% off and it’s valid for a month? No problem.

Political upheaval means your prices have gone up? You can do it quickly and easily.

Content management systems leave you completely in charge of the daily running of your website, and you just need to see us when you need something changing beyond the original remit. In most cases this is every couple of years for a few tweaks. We do have some websites though that are running untouched by us for almost 10 years now. Which is great for the client but…


Web & Email Hosting

Our server lives in Cambridge, comfortably nestled amongst many of its own kind with a beautiful view of the Cam*. It’s completely over-specified for the job in hand, so you won’t have to worry about slow-down or inability to cope with peak demand.

It’s preferable for us to host sites we develop on our own server because that’s where we build the sites initially so we know they’ll work as nature (or Programmers) intended. Our rates are reasonable, and we will happily host your site even if you didn’t have it built with us.

Daily backups of the websites are made to another server in London, so it would take a pretty serious tactical strike in two locations to have your data lost. If this concerns you we can give you the facility to keep your own secondary backup!

Email hosting is included with website hosting, but some clients prefer to use GSuite (previously Google Apps) and have email accounts stored in Google’s cloud, use the Google Mail interface, and all the fun bits that come with it. There’s a fee for this but it does suit people who want central management, calendars, cloud storage etc.

Get in touch if you have questions.

* artistic license may have been used here.


Sales & eCommerce

The internet has meant niche products being able to find their biggest possible audience, but also given an out of hours shopping experience to existing customers.

Whether you want a made-to-measure shop based on an open source framework, or a fancy bespoke system we can help. I’d never say we can do something to suit any budget because I don’t want to be working for 13p and a packet of Polos, but you get the idea.


Logos & Branding

You could just be starting out and only have a business name, or could be a third generation commerce dynasty looking for a new look with a nod to the past. We’ll tailor a branding package to suit your needs, providing you with some or all of the following: Logo design, colour specification, image and illustration designs, fonts and typography treatment and brand guidelines.

In addition to logo design and branding, we have experience in designing graphics for print, packaging and stationery as well as still and video photography... on rare occasions we have to design the vinyl wrap for a customer’s work van!


SEO, Stats & Analytics

Discover what story the content of your website is telling search engines. What you think it says and what it actually says are frequently different. What tactics are your competitors using and can we learn from them? What devices are they using to access your website? Are visitor actions different depending on the device? We can build a strategy to optimise your performance and reach the goals you set.

There are two types of search engine strategies that can help you achive your desired goals, Organic and Paid. During the content creation Strikemedia can advise on the best way to achive great Organic search rankings. If you would like help with a paid campaign we offer a setup and monitoring service for Google AdWords or Facebook Ads.

We use Google Analytics to collect and analyse data to optimize user performance. We can provide reports that give you the ability to determine what content is necessary on your website and how to improve on areas for optimum web usage.

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